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 small batch
herbal medicines 
folk holistic care

seasonal medicine boxes

- limited edition & supply -
each season is dedicated to & crafted with a
different ecosystem's medicine

handcrafted medicines

connection with the land is essential

- organically homegrown -

- mindfully wildcrafted -

- ethically sourced -


honoring ancestral indigenous ways

craft - care - ritual - spirit


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Folk Herbal Guide Booklet
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about the crafter

Celena De Luna 

Celena is a Mexican American Folk Herbalist, Illustrator and Medicine Crafter born and raised in Southern California. Her herbal practice is rooted in the Wise Women Ways of Healing and Nourishment. She is a Graduate of the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education, where she developed her abilities to commune with the plants through ancient ceremonial ways and modern applications of healing the body from a holistic approach. She also has training in metaphysical healing techniques and interspecies intuitive communication. Her purpose is to support healthier connections we inherently have with the life around us including the plants, animals, our environment and our intricate inner world.


Keep it Flowing


Celena De Luna  

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