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Celena De Luna


- Holistic Guide for Self Integration -

Celena is a graduate of the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education practicing the Wise Women Way of Healing (a nourish-first, self-empowering and intuitive approach to healing) and certified in Traditional Folk Herbalism, Holistic Healing and Sacred Plant Medicine (a shamanic based approach to connecting with the medicine of plants ).

Celena is a Trauma Release Practitioner certified by renowned author, practictioner and life coach, Evette Rose, in a healing therapy known as the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique that allows the body to resolve and release mental, emotional and physical stress in a very meditative and effective way.

Celena is passionate about her own integration, healing, intuitive connection and self reflective path as an earth student, empath, channeler and medicine woman. She teaches mainly through her own experiences and initiations. She believes the best way to understand and connect with others is to be as present and compassionate as possible with both the light and the dark aspects of us as this, she feels, is where we start when we're on the path of loving ourself entirely. 

Passionate Focus: 

Plant Medicine  

Emotional Empowerment 

Feminine Health + Womb Healing

Self Integration & Inner Child Work 

Strengthening Intuition & Self Awareness


Clarity Readings

Plant Medicine Consultations 

Body Talk Channeling Sessions 

Plant Spirit Tea Ceremonies  

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