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Join the journey to connect deeper with the land.

I'll send out two entire collections of herbal medicines

& handcrafted goods to you each season.

And you get to enjoy them how you please!

how ?
Add them to your daily self care - your medicine cabinet,

your kitchen cabinet- resource them when you fall ill,

meditate with them to connect to that plant for support,

share them with your family, your friends... all the ways.



why explore ecosystem diversity?

An ecosystem is a mass of space comprised of

all kinds of beings operating with one another.

When something is effected by one, they are all effected 

- in some way, by some degree. You can even see almost

everything alive being an ecosystem - containing micro

ecosystems inside & existing in a macro ecosystem outside.

In landscape ecosystems, they are defined by the elements

- the amount of sun & water they contain and receive

& how that effects everything else. This is what shapes it all

- the soil, the animals, the plants, the insects, the bacteria,

the fungi and on and on and on. And this is how you can start to understand the medicine that makes up this space. 

And the diversity of life?  It's what brings it all together & sustains it

- what makes the giving & receiving - what gets everyone well fed, playing out a fulfilling part, and returned back into the earth, decomposed & turned into nutrients for the others.

And what brings tremendous beauty to this life, allowing it to be in harmony & in service to future generations of life here too.

This, my friend, is what allows us to be healthy.

This is us too.

feed your inner explorer

This is where conscious connection plays it’s part with you.

Where you get to taste all the different flavors of the land & sea

taking them in as support for your own micro ecosystems 

within you. Where you get to observe things you never really knew about before, not this close up. And where you build bridges with the other life forms to explore what it is to witness each 

other as souls here together on earth. 


Whats on the other side of those 

connections is beyond imaginable

And for you to find out.


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Explorer's Welcome Box:


Welcome Box:

late January/ early February 


February 1, 2021

December 21, 2021


March 20, 2021

May 1, 2021


June 22, 2021

August 1, 2021



September 22, 2021

October 31, 2021

who IS THIS for
The Herbal Curious & Passionate

Those who want to develop a lifelong intimacy

with nature and the medicine that grows from it

Those who want to empower themselves by remembering 

how to resource plants as medicine, nourishment & allies. 

The Adventurists & Foragers

Those who don't need an excuse to get out & explore, though

will definitely use this as their playful road map for getting out 

into more ecosystems & following where the wind takes them.

Those who want to learn what natural resources are around them

for themselves & need that support to learn the basic ethical skills. 


The Self Preservationists 

Those who care deeply about their health & seek to

maintain a sense of inner harmony consistently.

Those who want a simple, effective, all natural and 

wise-old approach to maintaining their daily health. 

The Eco Revolutionary

Those who value high-quality artisan goods that are made with

care and don't create tons of waste & destruction to the

collective of the planet in the process.


Conscious Communities 

Those who want to practice an ancient health care and 

folk medicine to share with their family and to pass

down to future generations. 

Healing Folks

Those who want to utilize the medicine of plants to heal from

chronic ailments and deep rooted detrimental conditions. 

how much is it 

sliding scale (pay what you can)

 & payment plans (monthly)

All payments made through venmo or paypal:

venmo: @ofthemoonmedicine  |  Celena De Luna 



Ready to Explore?

due to the nature of small-batch handcrafted goods,

there are a limited supply of boxes each season

& are reserved for those who are committed

to this medicine venture!

If this is for you or your loved one,

claim your spot + email me to join!

with tons of care & craft,


about the crafter
profile photo 2020.png

Celena De Luna 

Celena is a Folk Herbalist, Artist and Medicine Women, rooted in the Wise Women Ways of Healing and Nourishment. She is a Graduate of the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education, where she developed her abilities to commune with the plants through ancient ceremonial ways and modern applications of healing the body from a holistic approach. Her purpose is to support the development of long lasting relationships with all of our relations, including nature, the plants & animals around us and ourselves.  

As an artist & advocate for public artwork, she hopes to bring a sense of color & soul to all of her crafts with hand-drawn artwork on her labels & in booklets. 

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