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medicinal meals

- weekly delivery -

Meal Service
folk herbal learnings, plant spirit healing, body energetics, creative expression & ceremonial ways 

begins oct 31, 2022 | online & in person

gathering once a month for ceremony & workshops in San Diego with

option to join the journey just online 

Journeying with over 18 medicinal herbs throughout the 6 months!

plant walk + wild foraging  | medicine making |art projects | love potions | group workshops | tea ceremonies | self care rituals | kitchen witchery


Are you desiring more magic & mineral-rich medicine in your life?!

A place to safely express all of those untapped witchy aspects of yourself?! 

Where you can cultivate a solid & strong relationship with herbs that

leave your feeling satiated, heart-centered and like you just made the best investment in health for your body & spirit while caring  for the earth now

& for generations to come?

I guarantee you have abundant & easy access to the most

potent plant medicines growing right around your area...

100% simple & natural medicines that can elevate your health & healing game to the next level + serve in bringing you home to yourself + enhance your connection with the land you live on. 

This container is here to pass down all of this wisdom to you & more...


welcoming in 3 herbs per month

Connect deeply with over 18 common herbs to call family that you will

learn how to resource properly for the rest of your life...

  • accessible & local herbs 

  • non-psychoactive / nourishing & safe for all

  • build intimate relationships 

  • experience its depth & spirit 

  • learn of it's properties & uses 

  • resource for life-long healing & ritual 







































       Structured by a journey

         through our body... 

               from root to crown / feet to head,


each month we'll be working with herbs that support the vitality of a specific part of our body & soul for self healing.


November -  root: ground / nourish | folk herbal foundations 

Decembersacral: reproductive health | medicine making class 

January - solar plexus: gut health | detox & cleanse workshop

Februaryheart: circulatory /  give & receive | love potion workshop 

Marchthroat: lungs / voice |  plant walk & foraging 

Aprilcrown: brain / nervous system | sacred smoke workshop
















whats iNCLUDEd

- online - 

• deep dive into 18+ accessible herbs

• foundational folk herbal learnings 

• how to connect with any plant anywhere 

• ethical wild foraging practices 

• guide to natural detox & cleansing 

• herbal medicine making basics 

• exercises to expand intuitive abilities

• body energetic basics for self healing 


• private fb group community 

• 1 monthly live group call x6

• monthly assignments & prompts 

- in person -

• everything online +

• monthly ceremonial gathering...

• Herbal Tea Ceremonies & Shamanic Journey 

• Hands-on Herbal Learnings 

• Herbal Medicine Making Workshop

• Ethical Plant Walk & Wild Foraging

• Kitchen Witchery & Love Potion Making 

• Cleansing & Detox Workshop 

• Sharing Circle & Homework Presentations

• Natural Self Healing Exercises  

• Access to Herbs 

herbal apprenticeship

this is for you if you are a....

Holistic practitioner / healer / spiritual or health business owner / coach / leader / teacher / space holder / therapist / body instructor / growth-oriented high achieving being 


with an open heart & mind + willingness to take this

knowledge into your home & community,

to pass along these earth traditions that are

apart of our birthright to know.

if you are a...

artist / rebel / catalyst / intuitive / truth seeker

desiring a way that always points you

back to yourself as the true change maker,  

that celebrates community, creative expression, inner reflection & authentic communication as the way to  live a full & honest life.

herbal apprenticeship


  • online learnings begin Oct 31 in private Facebook Group & messaging app

  • San Diego apprentices meets on 1st Saturday of the month 

  • everyone will receive details for the month's learnings through google drive

  • a monthly online zoom call will be held at the end of each month 

  • the next month's herbs will be announced on the last day of month prior


Oct 31 online program opens* 


- Monthly San Diego Gathering -

sit in ceremony with herbal teas + plant learnings + body energetics  + healing exercise + art shares optional | 3hrs in afternoon 


Nov 5 (opening ceremony / foundational herbalism) 

Dec 3 (medicine making) 

Jan 14 (cleanse & detox workshop) 

Feb 4 (love potion & kitchen witchery) 

March 4 (plant ID walk & wild foraging guide) 

April 1 (sacred smokes & interspecies communication) 

May 6 (closing ceremony / final art presentations)

- Monthly Online Zoom Call  -

Plant spirit healing shares + option to present art project 

90min | Last Sunday of the month | recorded 


Nov 27 11am pst 

Dec 1 + Dec 22  11am pst 

Jan 10 + Jan 29 11am pst

Feb 2 + Feb 26 11am pst 

March 2 + March 26 11am pst 

April 2 + April 30 11am pst 

herbal apprenticeship

-  6 Month Online Program - 

 recorded plant spirit medicine masterclass,

private group & monthly call

herbal learnings, prompts, exercises & support


(when payed directly to me*)


$77/m x 6 

(application required for payment plan) 


- 6 Month San Diego Apprenticeship - 

online program + monthly local ceremony/workshop

hands-on learning, prints, practices, support & group activity


(when payed directly to me*)


$277/m x 6 

(application required for payment plan) 

1 Lower Entry Spot Available

assist with events & calls


-or -

 $99/m x6  

- 6 Month All Inclusive Apprenticeship -

1 on 1 private monthly consult + detox & cleanse support,

monthly supply of herbs & medicine making material,  2x full body herbal treatmentsaccess to my online course Body of the Earth & exclusive prints 



(when payed directly to me*)

- or -

$555/m x 6

(application required for payment plan) 

Only 3 Spots Available 

herbal apprenticeship

i'm ready to join!

to my community, I cannot wait to get to build a deeper relationship with you & pass along these traditions that have shaped & enriched my life forever!

email me directly to join & receive massive price cuts with direct payment & early bird specials!

Im more than open to discussing how we can make this work & be the best experience for you.

Send all individual payments to 

Venmo @ofthemoonmedicine


with care, craft & the elements,


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