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Sliding Scale  $77 -$133  /   60 min

Plant Spirit Medicine + Folk Herbal Consultation

Within this session, we will be looking through the lens of Folk Herbal Medicine and the Wise Women way of Healing. Within this perspective of healing, nourishment always comes first as its said that when your body is in a state of love and nourishment, then it has access to the resources to not only heal, but THRIVE!


This perspective of healing honors common affordable plants that grow around us in abundance as to not deplete any land, it views the practitioner as a mere guide for the one receiving and honors the one who receives with respect for their own ability to listen and receive guidance from their own intuition, giving them the ability to know what is best for themselves. My role is to offer you my wisdom and support your own intimate connection with yourself and plants. 

This session involves a short yet deep call, where... 

  • We create a sacred container to get to know you and where you are at on your journey.

  • We explore healthy ways on how to engage the energy of any current ailments or emotional blocks 

  • Call in different nourishing herbs for specific support catered around your intention 


Following our call, I will email a written guidance report with...

  • Herbal Safety 

  • A specific list of Herbs that ​can be potent allies for you 

  • Metaphysical and Physically properties of the plants + how to take them + where to find them 

  • Details on How to take each Herb in the most effective way + Why! 

  • Suggestions on other forms of Plant medicines ​that can best suite you on your unique journey 

Location: In Person or Phone Call 

Payment is made directly through me and not on this site. 

Feel free to contact me to see if this is a good fit for you!


Email me directly to schedule: 

- About -

Celena De Luna 

Celena is a Mexican American Folk Herbalist, Illustrator and Medicine Crafter born and raised in Southern California. Her herbal practice is rooted in the Wise Women Ways of Healing and Nourishment. She is a Graduate of the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education, where she developed her abilities to commune with the plants through ancient ceremonial ways and modern applications of healing the body from a holistic approach. She also has training in metaphysical healing techniques and interspecies intuitive communication. Her purpose is to support healthier connections we inherently have with the life around us including the plants, animals, our environment and our intricate inner world.

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