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Join the journey to connect deeper with the land.

I'll send out two entire collections of herbal medicines

& handcrafted goods to you each season.

And you get to enjoy them how you please!

how ?
Add them to your daily self care - your medicine cabinet,

your kitchen cabinet- resource them when you fall ill,

meditate with them to connect to that plant for support,

share them with your family, your friends... all the ways.



why explore ecosystem diversity?

An ecosystem is a mass of space comprised of

all kinds of beings operating with one another.

When something is effected by one, they are all effected 

- in some way, by some degree. You can even see almost

everything alive being an ecosystem - containing micro

ecosystems inside & existing in a macro ecosystem outside.

In landscape ecosystems, they are defined by the elements

- the amount of sun & water they contain and receive

& how that effects everything else. This is what shapes it all

- the soil, the animals, the plants, the insects, the bacteria,

the fungi and on and on and on. And this is how you can start to understand the medicine that makes up this space. 

And the diversity of life?  It's what brings it all together & sustains it

- what makes the giving & receiving - what gets everyone well fed, playing out a fulfilling part, and returned back into the earth, decomposed & turned into nutrients for the others.

And what brings tremendous beauty to this life, allowing it to be in harmony & in service to future generations of life here too.

This, my friend, is what allows us to be healthy.

This is us too.

feed your inner explorer

This is where conscious connection plays it’s part with you.

Where you get to taste all the different flavors of the land & sea

taking them in as support for your own micro ecosystems 

within you. Where you get to observe things you never really knew about before, not this close up. And where you build bridges with the other life forms to explore what it is to witness each 

other as souls here together on earth. 


Whats on the other side of those 

connections is beyond imaginable

And for you to find out.


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Explorer's Welcome Box: