$133  /   60 min

Plant Spirit Medicine + Folk Herbal Consultation

Within this session, we will be looking through the lens of Folk Herbal Medicine and the Wise Women way of Healing. Within this perspective of healing, nourishment always comes first as its said that when your body is fully loved and nourished, then it has access to the resources to heal itself. The perspective of healing honors common affordable plants that grow around us in abundance as to not deplete any land, it views the practitioner as a mere guide for the one receiving and honors the one who receives with respect for their own ability to listen and receive guidance from their own intuition, giving them the ability to know what is best for themselves. My role for you is to offer my wisdom and support your own intimate connection you will have with plants. 

We will explore different nourishing herbs for specific support catered around your focus as well as guidance on how to take these herbs, where to find them and any other curiosities that come to mind about herbal medicine. In addition, we involve the influence of the plants as wise teachers through the perspective of plant spirit medicine. We welcome in certain plants as guides to support us in our day to day and I guide you on how to deepen your relationship with them through different techniques like meditation and medicine making.  

This session is to allow the receiver to have a better understanding of where to direct their attention on their personal healing journey by viewing different perspectives they maybe weren’t aware of or validating what they have already discovered. 

Location: In Person or Online Video Call 

 Zoom Video Conference