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plant-based meal DELIVERY

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herbal body work


Receive,Ground, Clear & Renew 

drop into a full body herbal treatment that includes light lymphatic drainage, facial, herbal skin cleansing, herbal oil massage, energetic clearing, steaming & nourishing support.  

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Booklets & calendars
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supporting wild & wise women to restore themselves naturally 
  As women, we have a tendency to absorb the weight of the world  in our bodies. We care so deeply, are the foundations for so many of our loved ones & unfortunately can be the first ones to get unwell from it all - Which is why we need to care for our health & healing that much more!

Rising from the ashes of chronic illness, trauma, toxicity or a hole we feel stuck in is not only 100% possible but is our innate human ability to heal, be resilient and renew ourselves again and again. Our bodies are always on our side, healing whether we know it or not & it is in our power to support that healing with consistent beneficial resources. 

I know you know how quick your energy can uplift when you apply the right tools, self care & support. Through proper healing food, medicine, education & compassion for ourself, I believe we can overcome almost anything life hands us. It is simply goal to pass you along resources of a strong medicine cabinet & earth-vibrant body care so you are prosperously equipped  for every ebb & flow life brings. 
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Celena De Luna 

I am a Mexican American folk herbal medicine crafter & consultant from Southern California devoted to holistic healing, natural liver care & sustainable health practices for highly sensitive systems & people overcoming chronic illness.

 I am a 2016 graduate & initiate of the Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education where I  began my training in plant spirit medicine, Folk Herbalism & earth tending. Since 2021, I have been on a committed detox and health food journey studying and implementing cutting-edge holistic cleanse protocols from the Medical Medium book series which have since then influenced the way I practice medicine - to better serve the chronically ill. Alongside of this, for the past 12 years I've been immersed & hold practice in traditional earth-based healing techniques, medicinal plant-based meal prep, energetic clearing & physical body work support, trauma recovery & inner child work, non-toxic home tending & sustainable living, ethical wildcrafting & plant identification, herbal medicine making & education and hosting ceremonial group gatherings & day retreats for women. I am also an artist, which you will find my hand-drawn illustrations scattered throughout my work! All of these practices have enriched my path so that I can better support people like you.


As a sensitive strong woman recovering from my own chronic symptoms & mental hardships choosing to rise above it all & live harmoniously with my body, I am here to be of support to other women looking to claim their own birthright of vibrant health. It takes immense amounts of compassion, discernment, bravery and dedication to choose to care for our bodies & minds with such consideration to the whole but I am here to tell you that it is completely worth it. You are not alone, my friend and I am here to help in whatever authentic ways I can.  


Keep it Flowing


Celena De Luna  

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