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Re-Learn How to: 

  • Discern what is and isn’t our Intuition

  • Manage our Fears, Doubts and Insecurities Authentically and Compassionately 

  • Communicate with and better understand Animals 

  • Communicate with and better understand our Bodies

  • Work with our Psyche to Resolve Inner Conflict and Understand Ourselves 

  • Dive in to the Subconscious Mind to Discover whats in our Shadow

  • Channel Aspects of Ourselves and the Beings around us

  • Communicate with and better understand Plants, Nature and our Environment 

  • Decode the Messages in Our Dreams 

  • Return Ourselves back to our Power and Reclaim our Abilities

 *emphasis on consistent practices so we gain experience and create change!


  • One 90min live call a week (9 calls in total; recorded) 

  • Two Private 1:1 Calls with me 

  • Weekly Group Exercises 

  • Personal Weekly Tasks 

  • Digital Library of Resources 

  • Private Group to Share Experiences & Connect for Exercises 


  • People who feel disconnected from the world & desire to connect with the life around them

  • Intuitive people who want to develop their abilities in a more structured way 

  • Open minded Sensitive Folks who want to hone in on their craft and access this as a life skill 

  • Those on a healing + self awareness journey who have a personal value to develop these skills 

  • Those looking to learn the fundamentals of how their body communicates to them 

  • Those who seek to Develop self trust and their ability to tap into truth 

  • Those who seek to understand and connect with the world them 


our intuitive abilities are not meant for

control or to be controlled; they are

meant for our health, healing & curiosity

Course overview: 

Week 1 Fundamentals 

  • What is Intuition

  • —  You are Intuitive, Here is How & Why

  • — Intuition: An Internal Guidance System 

  • — Intuition: A Channel/Directory/Tool 

  • — Intuition: A Language amongst All 

  • — Intuition: Creativity & Expression 

  • — Frequency, Energy & Existence 

Week 2 Fundamentals 

  • What isn’t Intuition

  • —  Doubt, Worry, Anxiety, Confusion, Aspects of Fear, Panic, Pressure 

  • — Trauma & Frozen Soul Streams 

  • — Instincts & the Brain (Frontal Lobe) 

  • — Assumptions, Projections & Expectations (Limiting Beliefs) 

  • — Protector Selves & Control 

  • — Universal Correctness or Incorrectness 


Week 3: Environment

  • Navigating our Inner & Outer Landscape 

  • Sacred Space 

  • —  home cleansing & organizing 

  • — making time for mindfulness & meditation 

  • — ritual & intentional castings of energy 

  • — personal boundary recognition

  • — safety & security ; creating sanctuaries & a mental safe haven 

  • Heightening Senses  

  • —  Becoming aware of sensations

  • — Consciousness in all matter

  • — perception & learning how you receive 

Week 4: Creativity 

  • Personal Expression 

  • —  Communicate through all senses 

  • — to release control, for therapy, to communicate 

  • — Accessing Brain Wave States for Healing & Flow (Breath work)

  • — Drop into intuitive flow

Week 5: Animal Communication

  • Breaking though Limiting Beliefs 

  • — Getting Curious 

  • — Facts & Data 

  • — Building Trust & Muscle 

  • Observe

Week 6: Animal Communication 

  • Listen

  • —  Connect to receive information 

  • — Ways to receive

  • Conversation 

  • —  Both Listen & Share information through sensations 

Week 7: Body Communication 

  • Body Talk / Medical Intuition 

  • —  Learning Strengths: Left Brain, Frontal Lobe, Right Brain, Dreams, Body 

  • —  Chakra Systems (Pain as Messenger) 

Week 8: Body Communication 

  • Emotional Body / Emotions 

  • — Emotional awareness & vocabulary 

  • — Empathy as channel for information 

  • — Needs, Values, Boundaries 

  • — Dream Work


Week 9: Body Communication

  • Psyche Health / Shadow Work 

  • — Discovering what “we don’t know we don’t know” ; Our Blindspot 

  • — The Fundamentals of Inner Child Work

  • — Parts Work, Center Self & Identifying Splits 

  • — Channeling Aspects for Understanding 

  • — Trauma Release Work / Healing 

  • — Growing out of beliefs 

Week 10: Plant Spirit Medicine 

  • Herbs for Health, Wholeness & Healing 

  • —  Link between Human Chakra System & Plant Medicine

  • — Maintaining Health & Supporting Healing with Plants 

Week 11: Plant Spirit Medicine 

  • Communicating with plants for guidance 

  • Relationship Building 

  • Personal Plant Guides 

Week 12: Our Purpose 

  • Healing Our Relationships through Self 

  • Discovering and Maintaining our Unique Connections 

  • Personal Declarations 

These are the basic skills & practices 

to utilize for your entire

self awareness journey

Energy Exchange: 

These are


(active until September 12th)

$495 in full 

($75 OFF)

Payment Plan:

$175 x 3 months 

($45 OFF)


(beginning September 13th

$555 in full 

Payment Plan:

$190 x 3 months 

to apply: 

Email me to set up a call! 

This is intended for 10 ready & willing individuals who are hearing the call to dive deep into themselves and the world around them! 

I trust this will be you.

with Earth,


about the crafter

Celena De Luna 

Celena is a Folk Shamanic Herbalist and Medicine Women, rooted in the Wise Women Ways of Healing and Nourishment. She is a Graduate of the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education, where she developed her abilities to commune with the plants through ancient ceremonial ways and modern applications of healing the body from a holistic approach. Her purpose is to support the development of long lasting relationships with all of our relations, including nature, the plants & animals around us and our own psyche, and to guide us on how to integrate this into our daily lives, both simply and sustainably. She prefers to work with individuals one on one or in small private groups, through leading intimate herbal tea ceremonial circles and through crafting medicines for every day support. 

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