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Current services:

Online offerings

The Art of Intuitive Communication 

a 12 week course

to integrate our innate abilities to communicate

with the world within and around us. 

When: Begins this Fall 2020


Re-Learn How to: 

  • Discern what is and isn’t our Intuition

  • Manage our Fears, Doubts and Insecurities Authentically and Compassionately 

  • Explore ourselves through Creativity

  • Communicate with and better understand Animals 

  • Communicate with and better understand our Bodies

  • Work with our Psyche to Resolve Inner Conflict and Understand Ourselves 

  • Dive in to the Subconscious Mind to Discover whats in our Shadow

  • Channel Aspects of Ourselves and the Beings around us

  • Communicate with and better understand Plants, Nature and our Environment 

  • Decode the Messages in Our Dreams 

  • Return Ourselves back to our Power and Reclaim our Abilities

 *emphasis on consistent practices so we gain experience and create change!


  • One 90min live call a week (9 calls in total; recorded) 

  • Two Private 1:1 Calls with me 

  • Weekly Group Exercises 

  • Personal Weekly Tasks 

  • Private Group to Share Experiences & Connect for Exercises 

Energy Exchange: 


(active until August 21st)

$495 in full 

($105 OFF)

Payment Plan:

$190 x 3 months 

($30 OFF)

4 Sisters Plant Walk 

A seasonal plant journey apprenticeship and delivery service

to build relationship with a medicinal plant. 

Learn the ways of Folk Herbalism and Plant Spirit Medicine to better your relationship with the plant kingdom and  support your own Healing and Health Journey 


  • Two Deliveries of a Single-Infused Plant Medicine Collection (tincture, syrup, body oil, etc.) 

  • One Bulk Supply of the Medicinal Plant ( to work with it in tea form & make own medicine)

  • Private FB Group to Share Experiences, Receive Announcements and Stay Connected

  • One Private Group Call for a Plant Medicine Tea Ceremony 

  • Access to my guidance through message or call! 

Energy Exchange:

$222 in full 

$121 x 2 month 




1:1 Consultations  

Receive attuned support and have space held for all things related to

Plant Medicine 

Intuitive Communication

Natural Living and Alternative Approaches to Healing

Emotional Mental or Physical Blockages

Trauma-related recovery

Energy Exchange:

$90/ 60min

(consultation & space holding services) 

$125 / 60 - 90min

(healing practices or personal journey work) 

conscious sisterhood circle 

Every other Sunday at 12pm pst on Zoom 

Every other week we host a new talking topic.

Every call begins with a guided meditation to center & connect us.

We then hold space for a non-judgmental open discussion.

This is a great opportunity to dive into self & receive my services at a lower cost!

Every call is $10-$25 sliding scale

Follow me on Instagram for the Weekly topic

Venmo: @ofthemoonmedicine 

In-Person Offerings

San Diego, Ca

 Limpia Cleansing

Metaphysical Energy Clearing Sessions


  • For maintaining a strong physical immunity and regulating your nervous system

  •  Supports emotional and mental bodies 

  • An energy bath to release sticky detrimental energies and thought forms  that we are ready to clear

  • A way to safely journey into the unknown of what you don't know about physical ailments & emotional states to create movement and resolve. 

  • Individual sessions are never one and the same!

I use a shamanic approach, using:

  • sound, instruments 

  • sacred tools and self care practices 

  • plant medicines, tea 

  • the elements, nature and our environment 

  • flowing intuitive sense to hold the individuals intention

Where: At my home and garden in Encinitas, CA


Energy Exchange:

$111 / 60 - 90min

(sliding scale available)

Plant Spirit Medicine

Group Tea Ceremonies 

to be announced

Follow me on Instagram for updates


Conscious Plant Walks

Group Plant I.D. Hike & Meditation 

to be announced

Follow me on Instagram for updates


Private group classes

For Students of all Ages

Classes Offered:

Composting Basics 

How to Make Herbal Medicines for First Aid

How to start a Home Garden

Reducing Waste + Eco-Friendly Home Tips 

Painting in Nature

Suitable for private parties of 5 or more! 

Suitable for Home Schooling.

For more information, please email me. 

Celena De Luna 

Celena is a Folk Shamanic Herbalist and Medicine Women, rooted in the Wise Women Ways of Healing and Nourishment. She is a Graduate of the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education, where she developed her abilities to commune with the plants through ancient ceremonial ways and modern applications of healing the body from a holistic approach. Her purpose is to support the development of long lasting relationships with all of our relations, including nature, the plants & animals around us and our own psyche, and to guide us on how to integrate this into our daily lives, both simply and sustainably. She prefers to work with individuals one on one or in small private groups, through leading intimate herbal tea ceremonial circles and through crafting medicines for every day support. 

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