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Teas, Infusions & Decoctions


A small amount of fresh or dried plant matter, usually a pinch into an 8 oz cup, usually with a blend of aromatic herbs, brewed for a short amount of time, usually 5-10min. Drink occasionally for medicinal and enjoyment purposes. 

Nourishing Infusion

A large amount of plant matter, usually with one nutrient dense non-aromatic dried leaves, brewed for a longer amount of time. A cold infusion is when you place a handful herbs into a quart jar, pour room temperature water into it, lid tightly and let sit for 4-8 hours or overnight. A hot infusion is the same process but with boiling hot water. Drink on a consistent bases, first thing in the morning and throughout your day for nourishing purposes. 


A large amount of fibrous plant matter, usually dried roots, berries or mushrooms, brewed with a 32-48oz amount of water over the stove. Let boil for 15-25 min, then let sit with the heat off for 3-6 hours or overnight. Drink occasionally or for a set amount of time for medicinal and immune boosting purposes. 

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Vinegars & Ciders

Herbal Infused Vinegar

Plant matter infused in Apple Cider Vinegar for at least 6-8 weeks. The Vinegar helps to extract the medicinal properties, especially the mineral content, from the herb. A great and safe way to receive nutrients from highly nourishing herbs, while also receiving the numerous benefits of apple cider vinegar. Safe to take regularly, before or after meals or added to recipes like salad dressing. 

Fire Cider 

A blend of immune boosting herbs infused in Apple Cider Vinegar for at least 6-8 weeks. Traditionally what makes it fire cider is a base of Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Horseradish and Jalapeño with the addition of other herbs known for their anti-bacterial, warming and circulating properties, and of course, flavor. This is usually taken in shots on a regular basis or at times of low immunity, sluggish digestion or lack of circulation. 

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Tinctures, Bitters, Cordials & Elixirs


Fresh or dried plant matter infused in high proof alcohol, usually 80-100 proof Vodka, Rum, Brandy or Whisky. The alcohol helps to extract the medicinal properties of the plant. Great for urgent cases as the alcohol quickly releases into the blood stream, creating immediate influences. Also helpful when traveling or for first aid kits. Best taken in very small doses diluted in water for a self-diagnosed short amount of time.  

Digestive Bitter

Very similar to a Tincture but with the intention of combining and infusing specific herbs that have aromatic qualities which help the body to circulate and clear stagnancy and that have a bitter flavor which helps to stimulate the production of stomach acids, thus making it easier to digest. Best taken in small amount under the tongue or diluted in water right before or after a meal. 


Similar to a tincture but with half the amount of alcohol substituted with  water and the addition of honey. Cordials are more palatable and are safer to consume since it has less alcohol. Best taken directly on the tongue or added to drinks. 


Refers to the combining of herbs and menstruums (the liquid the herbal constituents are dissolving into). An example of this would be a combination of a few herbs, brandy, herbal infused honey and an a few drops of an herbal tincture. 

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Syrups, Honey & Glycerites

Herbal Syrup

Made over the stove, boiling a good amount of one or more herbs with water until it turns into a concentrated tea. Add a good amount of honey or cane sugar and a bit of high proof alcohol for preservation. A great way to remedy a cough, Safe for all ages. Best taken in spoon fulls or added to recipes. 

Herbal Infused Honey 

Large pieces of fresh or dried plant matter infused in raw honey for at least 4-6 weeks. Best used normally as you would honey or in a small spoonful to sooth the throat. 


Fresh or Dried plant mater infused in organic vegetable glycerin for at least 6 to 8 weeks. A sweeter and safer alternative to tinctures, safe enough for all ages.  Best taken by the dropper or added to drinks and meals. 

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Oils & Salves

Herbal Infused Oil

Dried or dry fresh plant material infused in one or more carrier oils such as almond, olive, coconut, jojoba, grape seed, or avocado oil. Used topically for massage, healing or salves. Slow infusion is infused in a cool dark place for at least 6-8 weeks and is the preferred method if working with nutrient dense and delicate plants. Solar infusion is infused in a warm, sun lit window or at least 4 weeks and is preferred to incorporate the sun energy and to speed up the infusion process. Slow heat infusion infused with very low heat in a double boiler or crock pot for 1-2 days and carefully watched. This is the preferred method when working with roots, berries and mushrooms and if you desire to speed up the infusion time. 

Herbal Salve 

Herbal infused oil melted into beeswax used for topical healing purposes. 

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Sprays & Flower Essences

Herbal Salt Spray

Fresh or dried plant material infused in concentrated salt water used to heal/disinfect cuts and woulds topically or diluted as a mouth wash. A great way to dissolve and obtain the healing properties of tree resin.  

Herbal Tea Spray 

A concentrated tea preserved with a small amount of alcohol or with hazel. Usually infused with aromatic plants to act as a skin toner and to leave a nice enjoyable smell to a room or body.  

Flower Essence 

An energetic imprint of a living flower using the sun and water as catalysts for the imprint-- similar to exposing light onto film to obtain a photograph. Preserved with a small amount of alcohol. Best taken if desire to work with the energy/spirit of a plant. 

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Steam, Smoke, Hair & Compress Blends

Herbal Steam + Soak Blend

Dried or fresh plant material boiled on the stove to receive the medicinal properties through its steam. Let boil and steam, turn off stove, hover over the pot and breathe in the steam. Great to clear congestion, open clear pores and tone skin, and circulate lymphatic system. Use the remaining tea as a foot soak, facial toner or added to a bath. Additionally you can use this steam method for a yoni steam which is an extremely healing and ancient practice of squatting over a steaming pot, done mainly for the health and vitality of female sex glands and the regulation of a menstrual cycle. Do not steam when bleeding or pregnant.  

Herbal Smoke Blend 

A dried blend of smokable herbs for the purpose of rolling joints and receiving their medical properties through inhalation. Many smokable herbs have the medical qualities of deeply relaxing any nervous tention in the mind and body and do so gently without any psycho-active effects. A great alternative to smoking tobacco or cannabis. Best smoked sparingly as smoking anything repeatedly causes damage to the internal organ systems.  

Herbal Hair & Scalp Treatment 

A concrentated tea made from nutrient dense and/or mucilaginous herbs specially to be applied to the hair in the shower before wash. Great for strengthening and remineralizing the hair with the help of wild plants. 


The act of making a concentrated tea,  soaking it in a towel and applying it to the skin for healing. 

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Personal Care Goods

Homemade Toothpaste 

Made with a desired combination of clay, calcium carbonate, herbal salt water, hydrosol, baking soda, ground up herbs with antimicrobial properties, coconut oil, glycerin, birch xylitol and/or a small amount of essential oil. A way to disinfect the mouth and receive healing and detoxifying properties in the most natural and simplest way possible. 

Herbal Body Butter

Herbal infused oil melted into a combination of plant fats such as cacao butter, shea butter, mango butter and coconut butter for the purpose of moisturizing the skin non-toxically and receiving the medicinal properties of the plants. 

Herbal Body Mist 

Water with the extraction of aromatic plants put in a spray bottle and used for fragrance. Hydrosols can be used for this purpose. Hydrosols are distillations of aromatic plants and are a great way to receive the aromatic qualities of a plant which way less plant material than essential oils. Essential oils are created in a similar way but need much more plant material for the making of them and only use the oil of the plant. A few drops of essential oil diluted  in a spray bottle filled with water is another way of creating a body mist. 

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Smudges & Sacks

Smudge Stick

A bundle of dried aromatic herbs wrapped tightly and used for burning. A way to cleanse energy, air and mind. 

Burning Resins and Wood

Tree resins are the hardened sap-like substances that form around a wounded tree to help heal it. Resins have many medical properties including being antimicrobial and beautifully aromatic. When burned, usually on a piece of lit coal, they release these properties and help with cleansing and well as shifting consciousness. 

Herbal Sacks and Pillows

Aromatic herbs wrapped or sowed in cloth for the enjoyment and medicine of their smell. Herbal pillows specially use herbs that induce deep rest, help calm the mind and body, increase the consciousness of dreams, and protect you while sleeping, like lavender and mugwort. 

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