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Body of.the Earth Course

a voice-led container for tending to your body & home as sanctuary


guidance on:

gentle non-invasive cleansing practices to reset & restore gut + liver + nerves + skin (full body)

healing drug-free from chronic conditions

DIY non-toxic body care products

go-to nourishing herbal medicines

natural living + home tending

proper water + hydration tips

sustaining long-term health

mental + emotional resilience


​this is:

simple + foundational.

self-paced + heart-led.

revolutionary self work + deeply healing.

made with compromised & sensitive systems in mind.

timeless quality resources + life-time access.

flexible + made to fit where you are.

a decision that takes loving commitment + daily devotion + desire for long-term health.

Course Outline:

✓Mental + Physical Cleansing Preparations


✓Bonus: Practice to Connect us to what Tools are right for us.

Liver Care Guide Audiobook


✓ our body our liver our earth

✓ food as medicine

✓ medical medium cleanses

✓ more love more detox support

Food Tips

✓ planning

✓ supplying

✓ storing

✓ recipe resources

Herbal Medicine Guide

✓ folk herbal guidebook (foundations)

✓ building a practice

✓ my go-tos herbals

✓ liver+ supportive herbs

✓ herbs for clearing

✓ sourcing

Home + Self Care Tips

✓ DIY beauty care

✓ oral health

✓ body + earth friendly living

✓ non-toxic supplies

✓ kitchen & home tools

✓ waste disposal & reduction

Water + Hydration Tips

✓ source

✓ filters

✓ structure

✓ remineralize

✓ foods


Mental Health Support

✓ guided meditations

✓ reflections

✓ journal prompts

✓ practices


✓immediate access into Private telegram container.

✓message + voice note with me for 2 weeks.

✓digital liver care guidebook.

You will receive an email with link to the private telegram channel course & all further details right after this purchase - please keep an eye out in your inbox!


with care,


Body of.the Earth Course