Comfrey Tincture
Made with homegrown organic Comfrey leaf

▪️Cell regeneration 
▪️Deep & rapid healing of broken bones, injuries & wounds
▪️Recovery, vitality & overall wellness 
▪️Anti-inflammatory | Cools & reduces excess heat
▪️Emotional & spiritual alley when recovering from extreme trauma, rupture to the nervous system & transformation 

A nourishing plant ally that's commonly known as "bone knitter" , I made this tincture when my mom broke her wrist in March and I WISHED I had this to give her! It's known for supporting rapid healing & regeneration of fractures, sprains, broken bones, bruises and any other ruptured injury. (Since she broke her wrist, a tincture like this would have been perfect since she didn't have the capacity nor the immediate supply to make a comfrey tea daily) 

It's also very supportive in times of emotional rupture, reducing inflammation, cooling excess heat and caring for our overall vitality & wellness. A first aid staple I glad I now have.

comfrey leaf, organic cane spirits, raw honey, purified water 

1oz - $18,
2oz - $23

Comfrey Tincture