Dandelion Flower Essence
Made at the peak of flowering Spring 2021

A flower essence is vibrational medicine made through the alchemy of Sun + Water + Flowers. Because of this, they are really potent medicines for our own vibration and subtle bodies. A medicine to turn to when in need of emotional and mental care.

Dog & Cat Friendly! 

Supports connection to one's own:
▪️Sense of self
▪️Play & curiosity 
▪️Ability to cut through sludge, moving forward & shine brightly 

Here's also roughly what I received from dandelion in meditation that I'm interpreting as its potenial medicine for us in flower essence form (and a few extra things):

- Fierceness ( and supporting in connecting to our own) 
- "I am not disconnected nor isolated (the flower), I am apart of the ground that nourishes me - my flower and beauty is an extention of my roots" 
- its hollow stem is not empty space -- it's a channel filled with information and water as the transporter. 
-  Sexuality, Play, Sass 
- Stepping into one's Tallness, ability to take up space and shine brightly 
- ability to cut through sludge (especially leaves, toothed) 
- a strong connection with the sun and  created in its likeness -- "the sun is constantly burning in spiral motion, my flower mirrors the bursting of this" 
- solar plexus -- confidence, play, brightness, furosiousness 
- "movement is important to me " -- helps release through dance, inner circulation and passion 
- connection with fire -- radiating light and warmth

Dandelion Flower vibration, blessed structured & purified water, organic cane spirits

1oz - $14.50

Dandelion Flower Essence