A Loose Soothing Blend made for Herbal Cigarettes
Made with Whole Hearted Plants that have subtle Consciouness Shifting Qualities. 
Makes a relaxing tea blend!
Makes about 20 to 30 Herbal Joints 
Each Order comes with:
A worksheet on the Medicinal quaities of Each Herb  + How to Roll an Herbal Joint!

	Calms the Nerves and Mind
	Heightens Dreams and Deepens Sleep
	Enlivens the Heart and Spirit
	Soft on the Throat and Lungs
	Enjoy in a Sacred Setting, in the Afternoon to Unwind or with your Communitity
	No Psychoactive Plants or Synthetic Fillers

Marshmallow Leaf*
Lavender Buds*
Rose Petals*
Homegrown Mugwort*
Size: 4oz glass Jar / Metal Lid

Herbal Smoke Blend

  • Each plant medicine is made in reverence in very small batches by hand & infused for a minimum of two months. 


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