Ecosystem herbal medicine Explorer 
*16 page guidebooklet*
5×7 Print

THIS guidebook is meant to live with you & join you on your outdoor adventures; supporting you to drop into more awareness of your surroundings, encourage you to build relationships with the  plants growing around you & nurture your abilities to be a steward of the wild earth! 

Field Guide prompts
Plant/ Ecosystem Meditation 
Ethical Foraging & Herb Care Steps
Seasonal  Exploration
Major Ecosystem Exploration
Cyclical Medicine Making Suggestions 
Plant ID References
Wheel of the Year Calendar 2021

I made this for ALL AGES, Simple + Clear + Colorful; as our explorer self is a wild curious child within us!

This is the sister booklet to my Folk Herbal Guide I wrote in 2020; they go together so well though are solid on their own! (Available on my webshop)

Medicine Explorer Guide Booklet PRINT (+wheel of the year 2021 inside)