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A Loose Herbal Tea/Infusion Blend to Ground our Bodies+Mind and Strengthen our Connection to the Earth 


  • Top Immune Tonic 
  • Grounds and Tonifies Body
  • Realigning to All Major Organ Systems 
  • Deeply Nourishes & Repairs Cells
  • Bone & Joint Health 
  • Centering to the Mind and Heart
  • Aids in Counteracting Stress 



Astragalus Root* 

Eleuthero Root*

Elder Berries*

Chaga Mushroom*

Reishi Mushroom*



Size: 16oz glass Jar / Metal Lid 

Root + Mushroom Tea Blend

  • Each plant medicine is made in reverence in very small batches by hand & infused for a minimum of two months. 


    No Refunds or Cancellations unless product is damaged upon Arrival. In the case of damage upon Arrival, damaged product will be sent free of charge.

  • All products are shipped first class through USPS within 1-4 business days.

    Shipping cost depends on weight of overall package.