Rosemary Body Oil
For: massage + anointing + hair
Slow Infusion (Infused w/o heat)

Herbal body oils are those medicines that encourage time to self care & intimacy with your body. And what I love about them is its another way to drink up medicine but though the skin. 

This way it has a special effect at soothing the nervous system. And the rosemary works as an anti-inflammatory & lymph mover + for achy stiff joints. 

I made these very simple so that it can also be an ingredient for a homemade salve or body butter.

I've been adding mugwort leaves (artemisia douglasiana) to my herbal oils because its known to act as a "transporter" for the plants' medicine to sink even deeper into the tissue when applied onto the skin.

Organic olive oil, non-gmo avocado oil, homegrown rosemary, ethically wildcrafted mugwort leaves

4oz - $26

Rosemary Body Oil