Our Lady,  Rosemary Medicine Print 


Size Options:

5x7 - $11 

8.5x11 - $13

11x14 - $15


Designed to be framed & hung on wall.

(digital PDF print included)


Original arwork - Watercolor & Digital Painting 

Artist: Celena De Luna 


This artwork is dedicated to Rosemary and the intertwining spirit & history it has with mother, goddess, guardain & saint - The Virgin Mary (specifically influenced by the Lady of Guadelupe. 


Symbology around the Cosmic essence of the Womb, the Sacredness of the Heart, the connection between the Throat & the Yoni and the protection of the lungs -- all correlated with Rosemary's spirit medicine as a significant ally when it comes to healing deep heartbreak, grief stored in the heart, lungs & womb, and protecting our innocence as she helps to remember our truth of who we really are deep down inside. 



Rosemary Medicine Print