Sage & Rose Detox Bath Salts - 4oz 



Kosher Salt 

Epson Salt 

Celtic Sea Salt 

Organic White Sage 

Organic Rosemary 

Wild Harvested Sagebrush 

Organic Rose Petals 

Wild Harvested Eucalyptus Leaves 



Directions & Uses: 

  • Add a large spoonful to a hot bath or foot tub 


Medicinal Properties:

  • Helps to Remove Toxins out though pours 
  • Soothing and Toning to the Skin 
  • Greated relaxes Nervous System 
  • Brings attention to matters of the heart (heart opener) 
  • Anti-inflammatory & Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral 
  • Beautifying 
  •  Circulates & clears stuck energy 

Sage & Rose Bath Salts - Detox


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