Wheel of the Year + Moon Phase + Medicine Wheel Calendar 2020

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The Wheel of the year is supportive reminder for following + celebrating the natural rhythms & cycles of the Earth.

This Calendar Illustrates:
4 seasons
4 elements
4 directions
4 herbs
4 feminine phases
4 seasonal illustrations
8 transitional portals/celebrations
8 body chakras
8 colors of the wheel
12 months of the year
12 monthly intentional words
12 monthly moon phase dates 


This Calendar is available for purchase either through

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This Calendar is a part of the sacred tools in the 1st [of 9] year round delivery boxes for the 4 Sisters Plant Walk [ a seasonal and/or yearly plant medicine delivery service + guide to deepen our relationship with herbs beginning in Feb 2020] Check out Offerings Page for more details. 

Wheel of the Year + Moon Phase Calendar 2020 [ Instant Digital Download]


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