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The 4 Sisters Plant Walk

 medicine delivery +  guidance

happening all 2020

a seasonal medicine delivery service

& folk herbal instructional

Sessions: Welcome
Sessions: FAQ

learn how to deepen your 

relationship with any herb,

both simply and sustainably. 


 9 deliveries of  a high-quality herbal medicine collection + supply of bulk herbs + sacred medicine tools + a helpful illustrated guidebook + ancient folk remedy tips 

+  4 online group ceremonies + direct guidance throughout the wheel of the year.  


a support network of plant allies that will become a model for how to connect with any plant,  a portal for self awareness, a tool for realignment  +  empowerment and a natural source for healing, nourishment and guidance + have the option to interact with the intimate community who will be journeying along side you.


your medicine cabinet + health care routine + long list of expensive &              distant supplements by working with one safe, common herb at a time

so that you can bring awareness to what is entering + effecting your body 

while engaging in some of the most nourishing, holistic and wise-old medicine practices for vital health and wellness. 


your relationship with your emotional and mental health, physical body, the natural rhythms and cycles of this earth, common medicinal herbs, your intuition, the voices of the land, and your spiritual practice through these ancient folk medicine techniques and ways of relating. 

whats included

1 wheel of the year long journey together  

4 plants will guide our journey

1 plant for each season

our sacred container will be created on Feb 4th

Your herbal delivery begins March 19th

THE medicine delivery: 

1 sacred tool welcome box 

8 deliveries of a plant medicine collection

seasonal supply of bulk herbs

sacred medicine tools

wheel of the year calendar

herbal guide book

THE guidance: 

guided plant meditations

seasonal group tea ceremony calls

personalized guidance

handmade guidebook

private fb group Q&As 

who this is for
Herbal Apprentices

Those who want to develop a lifelong intimacy

with nature and the medicine that grows from it

Those who are seeking guidance and structure around 

herbs and are having trouble knowing where to begin.


Self Preservationists

Those who want a simple, effective, all natural and 

wise-old approach to maintaining their daily health. 


Conscious Communities 

Those who want to practice an ancient health care and 

folk medicine to share with their family and to pass

down to future generations. 

Modern Mystics 

Those who want to weave more practical magic into their daily

life, heighten their intuitive abilities and perform daily rituals for a

deeper sense of self connection and rootedness.

Healing Folks

Those who want to utilize the medicine of plants to heal from

chronic ailments and deep rooted detrimental conditions. 

what others say

"To give words to the raw, Unspoken Magick found in connecting with the Realm of the Plant Spirits feels a bit like trying to capture a fairy, or a feeling, or a moment in a glass jar. You couldn't possibly confine the essence of something so pure and expansive in all the years of a Life. I've always spoken with the Plants, heard their songs and whispers, even as a little girl, but to have learned to consciously cultivate relationship with these Wisdom Keepers as an adult is perhaps one of the greatest gifts I've ever re-membered. It sounds romantic - because it is. Like people, some Plants will come and go, but then there are those who nourish us, to teach us, to show us the Path back to the Truth, to the Self - and to these Friends and Elders, I am eternally grateful."


 - Nata Elizabeth

Co-Owner of Waking Seed


"Oh my! What can I say.... Mullein has been my best friend for the last 4 years.  I began drinking mullein infusions with allopathic intentions... to support my lungs after being a heavy weed smoker for almost 15 years... and this wonderful plant did indeed support my lungs. I felt a noticeable difference in my first cup. Deeper breath was available. I was even surprised to find that mullein infusion helped to open my lungs after a strenuous hike. What I wasn’t expecting was how much deeper this medicine would go... she reached deep down inside me, into every crevice, and coated me in her fuzzy pillowy leaves of love and tenderness. She placed her soft fuzzy leaves on my heart, front and back, and she held me. She calmed me. She made my brain clear and ready to listen to my heart and gut. And then she freed me... all the right words. All the the things I had never been able to articulate. Years of my abuser telling me that it never happened. Years of mind fuckery. She helped me make a boundary. And though I am not “fully healed”, which is an idea I hope we all step away from, I have an ally in Mullein.  I go through spurts of drinking her infusion daily, and plenty of spurts where I don’t drink her at all.  I find that I crave her when I need her.  She lets me know when I need a cup. She is so there for me, for you, and for all of us!" 


-Lauren O’Malley

Graduate of the Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education


"For me, Rosemary is a bridge to healing, and as I continue to learn from her I am able to connect more deeply with my ancestors."


Graduate of the Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education


"My experience with plants has created a world for me to connect to, that takes me to other realms but also has a way of making the ordinary extraordinary. They have become my closest allies and friends! One particular plant I developed a relationship with was blue lotus. As soon as I ingested this plant I not only knew where it came from, but I knew how to use it spiritually. It was more of a remembering. That’s what these plants do! They help you remember your connection to the earth and to your intuition. The hidden parts of yourself that know how to heal, grow, connect, and expand. They are wise teachers full of information if we just give ourselves enough time to connect with them."

- Amanda Shepherd

Graduate of the Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education


"My journey with Bay Laurel has been the utmost revealing and sacred. The leaves are very aromatic which when inhaled bring forth visions and messages as to the best way to work with her. When used as an oil, I feel an aurora of protection and sacredness throughout the day. It appears the smell of the aromas increases my sense of awareness and psychic abilities. I feel more confident and secure with the messages revealed. My first experience sitting with her as a tea was life changing and divine. I sat quietly at my kitchen table; eyes closed with the sun shining through the window. I was at a place in my life where I was seeking clarity or a sign on how to proceed and which steps to take.  As I inhaled the aroma along with a couple of deep sips, a vision was revealed as to the meaning and purpose of MuthaNaked and how she shall be used as a plant ally. Bay Laurel provided me with the insight to continue my path as a plant medicine practitioner."

-Lynn Young

CEO of MuthaNaked

how much is it 

pay in full


[ $111 off ]

$111 deposit before Feb 4th + 

$666 due the first weeks of March

pay monthly

$77.70 x 10

  starting in March

$111 deposit before Feb 4th

pay seasonally 


work with one plant for a season  

includes 2 deliveries of  a medicine collection 

about the crafter

Celena De Luna 

Celena is a Folk Shamanic Herbalist and Medicine Women, rooted in the Wise Women Ways of Healing and Nourishment. She is a Graduate of the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education, where she developed her abilities to commune with the plants through ancient ceremonial ways and modern applications of healing the body from a holistic approach. Her purpose is to support the development of long lasting relationships with all of our relations, including nature, the plants & animals around us and our own psyche, and to guide us on how to integrate this into our daily lives, both simply and sustainably. She prefers to work with individuals one on one or in small private groups, through leading intimate herbal tea ceremonial circles and through crafting medicines for every day support. 

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