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Conscious Sisterhood Circle

A virtual circle for women to grow be held,

learn about themselves and be in their truth.  

We ask you to be intentional

Whether you have nothing to give that day and just want to witness or you want to vulnerably express facets of yourself. 

We ask you to be respectful and responsible

for where you are at on your self awareness path. Honor it.

We’ll do the same with ourselves and with you.

This is a place for openness, gentleness towards our preferences and wounds, listening, receiving, honesty and patience. 

This is a place where our resistances and fears are welcomed...

to be witnessed and understood. This is not a place to fix others or self, a place to leave ourselves to fit in, a place to shame or blame, or as a replacement to our personal therapy/session work/mental health practice. 


This place is sacred.

Where we let go and let in.


Where magic will take place...

 where uncomfortable feelings might occur for the purpose of getting closer to our personal truth. This is a place to take our time to step into greater states of health with ourselves and with other sisters. 


intentional flow

our call will be guided

intuitively + creatively

  • An opening guided meditation to ground and connect us to each other in a safe and self aware space. 

  • A mindful talking circle, allowing all to optionally express what they are desiring to be held in. 

  • Needs for how you desire to be received at any given moment will be respected and cherished.

(ex: "i dont want any advice when i share, i just want to be heard and understood")

  • Space for individual creative expression and letting the magic of an organic gathering take place.

  • Mindful closing of our container and honoring of our collective circle.

when + how much 

- bi Weekly Circle -

Held every other Sunday

at 12-1 pm pst

on zoom conference call

Pay individually -  $10 - $25

(Sliding Scale)

(1 one hour Group Call)


Pay Monthly -  $38 

(4 one hour Group Calls)


Individual Calls can be paid through Venmo or Paypal

Venmo: @ofthemoonmedicine

Have any other questions or curiosities?

email me! I'll be happy to bring this ease. 

with nature,


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