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new offering opens: May 13 2022

Body of.the Earth

a voice-led container of resources for tending to our body & home as a sanctuary.


gently boldly detox. 

replenish your internal ecosystem. 

heal from chronic conditions & harmful habits.

heighten your intuition & senses.

sharpen your connection with Self & Source. 

deliberately liberate yourself from harsh systems.

reclaim your body & space. 

cultivate a life of integrity. 

expand your capacity to be more alive...

inside & out.

all of this naturally happens when we properly tend to our physical & energetic well being that is inclusive of what our body & the earth needs to sustain itself.

When we compassionately devote ourself to taking in food & herbs as medicine, receive loving encouragement & become more conscious of our mental states + physical surroundings + how we feel + what products we use; life becomes much more alive & interconnected.


We begin to understand how our place here on earth matters greatly & how we can tend to ourselves to hold a more authentic version of ourself. One that holds great meaning & purpose just to be alive.


We get a sharper grasp on reality once we clear out things that have been weighing us down & holding us back. Which allows us to create a life that we desire, one that considers the whole & is dependent on one another for greater states of health. 

-guidance on-

  • gentle non-invasive cleansing practices to reset
    & restore gut + liver + nerves + skin (full body)

  • healing drug-free from chronic conditions

  • DIY non-toxic body care products

  • go-to nourishing herbal medicines

  • natural living + home tending

  • proper water + hydration tips

  • sustaining long-term health

  • mental + emotional resilience 

- this is -

  • simple + foundational.

  • self-paced + heart-led.

  • revolutionary self work + deeply healing.

  • made with compromised & sensitive systems in mind.

  • timeless quality resources + life-time access.

  • flexible + made to fit where/who you are.

  • a decision that takes loving commitment + daily devotion  desire for long-term health.  

are you ready to dive in?

- includes -

immediate access into container (opens May 13)

message + voice note with me for 1st month.

digital liver care guidebook.


- energy exchange -

early bird (now until May 13th)  $111

(after May 13th) $222


Words from My Journey

For the past 7 months I've been on a deeply devotional healing with my body to restore my liver, gut, skin, teeth, nerves, brain and everything in between! I've been reestablishing my connection with living foods, releasing addictions & habits, holding enjoyment in daily routines, detoxing in gentle regulating waves physically & emotionally and watching my body & mood  *in live time* transform itself in jaw dropping ways! All things that were brought to me by some serious health concerns that I now feel more secure knowing food medicine is supporting me through this personal healing.


Transforming my health in radical ways is not new to me as its been apart of my personal passion & healing for the past ten years as you'll read down below. But my current health shifts have both released tons of alternative health practices that were actually  burdening my system without me knowing AND undoubtedly upleveling my quality of health like no other time before - and i'm here to share with you those practices in this container & guide.

This guide shares only what i've learned what works to better the body in simple digestible ways. It celebrates unpopular yet foundational truths of eating wholesome & simple, nourishing self consistently & being conscious of the way you choose to live & interact. It encourages you to go at your own pace, reclaim your responses & opt for listening to your body's wisdom above all else. 


This path asks for daily devotion, returns you to the now & transforms you the more you nourish yourself with quality choices & compassion for yourself. 

For those ready and open to continue their healing walk with these restorative ways, i'm here right along side you to talk it through with you whenever you need.



 I am a 2016 graduate & initiate of the Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education where I  began my training in plant spirit medicine, Folk Herbalism & earth tending. Outside of working with herbs, for the past decade I've explored, trained & thus hold various degrees of experience in shamanic healing techniques, metaphysical anatomy, trauma recovery, interspecies communication, womb care awareness, eco-conscious home tending, navigating the alternative health world, operating my own & working for small local food businesses, sustainable living practices, regenerative gardening, ethical foraging and body recovery protocols. All have which enriched my path, contributed to my current health + healing and supported me in staying true to my heart.


As a highly sensitive being walking this holistic healing path, I am here to encourage those who are just as committed to both radically & gently transforming into their most honest level of self. Because we all matter too much not to live a wild life of ease, unbounded expression & truth.

Herbal Consultation + Discovery Session copy: Service
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