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medicinal meals

Weekly Plant-Based Medicine Service  

fresh + simple + healing 

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If you are looking for game-changing living tonics, clean vibrant snacks & feel-better meals that you just can't find in restaurants or food shops (trust me, I look!), then you came to the right kitchen!


I help you fill your fridge consistently with fresh homemade vibrant food & drinks so that you...

 ✔flood your body with highly healing nutrients

 have healthier daily food options on hand

 ✔ cleanse out what's causing stress & illness

✔ keep your energy reserves strong

 ✔ stay on tract with your healing

 ✔ have more energy & better moods

 ✔ free up space to live & love your life

 ✔ feel more nourished & supported 

organic + made fresh to order

fresh juices

brain juice shots

herbal tonics

detox teas

healing infusions


feel good snacks

salads & soups

bulk meals

healthy sweets

sauces & dips

herbal syrups

place your weekly Order here
orders are for weekly subscribed members or single orders of 4 days worth of meals.

medical medium recipes
this is a cleanse supportive menu that encourages gentle detox to safely fight pathogens & clear toxins + in doing so, help heal the root cause of chronic symptoms & conditions from the inside out.
a focus on healing foods
Fresh Fruits + Veggies + Herbs + Wild Foods

Low-to-no Salt or Radical Fat/Protein
*only Celtic Sea Salt is used
*only healthy fats are included

High Quality Purified Water
working in the food industry for many years, its almost nonexistent to find eateries and beverage services use anything else but tap or poorly filtered water. Water quality is very crucial to health, especially if you are working to cleanse & recover quickly.

When cooking, steaming & preparing all beverages, I only use what I trust to be the best for my home & loved ones - high quality fresh purified water which then gets double filtered through my countertop Berkey filter unit.

 Free of:
Dairy/ Eggs/ Gluten/ Oil/ Soy/ Corn/ Vinegar/ Caffeine/ Refined Sugar/ Table Salt/ Nutritional Yeast/ Natural + Artificial Flavors/ Fermented Foods/ Citric Acid/ MSG
made in a clean, mindful & eco-friendly kitchen with love 

To learn more: 

download my free liver care cleanse guide

plans + Pricing

one time orders

Each item chosen from menu is about 4 servings.

4 days is the shelf life for all drinks & most food on menu.

For one time orders, refer to the menu for pricing.

order minimum of $100 for delivery.

weekly delivery plans

One of the most important factors in healing naturally with food & herbs is the need for CONSISTENCY. Showing up at every meal ready to feed your body what it needs to take care of you.


I'm here to help you stay dedicated to your health daily...

Book a call or email me to map out a custom weekly meal plan!

Special Subscription Plans

- includes cost of food -

1/2 Week Medicine & Meal Plan 

choose up to 5 items from the menu

*one weekly delivery

$1,000/per 4 weeks

Full Week Medicine & Meal Plan 

choose up to 7 items from the menu

*one weekly delivery

$1,600/per 4 weeks

plan benefits + details

  • One or Two Deliveries a Week 

  • General Delivery Days are Sun + Thurs Evenings 

  • Bi-weekly Check-ins Calls

  • Herb & Meal Recommendations according to your Health

  • Access to Medicine & Food Care Guides 

  • Monthly Complementary Treats & Herbal Medicines 

  • Minimum 3 Month Commitment 

  • $50 cancellation fee to Cancel Anytime 

try your first week
with zero commitment!

A great chance to see what you like for a really great price! 


1 delivery of food/drinks for 4 days 

Choose up to 5 select items from the menu 

- includes local delivery -

Total: $125

Place your weekly Order here

11 day liver cleanse plan

ready to take a massive leap in your healing?!

3:6:9 Medical Medium Liver Cleanse

a full body reset + massive game-changer for health!

9 day 369 liver cleanse + meals for 2 days out  

choice between simple, original or advanced versions + customizable menu that meets cleanse guidelines. 

lunch + dinner + snacks + teas + juices for days 7 + 8 + 9 


Total: $950 

includes groceries + deliveries

for more info:

download my free cleanse guide / get the book 'Cleanse to Heal' by Anthony William / book a free call with me!


for recipe examples:

serving north county san diego

bonsall | vista |  oceanside | carlsbad | san marcos | camp pendelton +

Orders available for:

Pickup,  Delivery or Halfway Meetup

every Thursday & Sunday between 5 - 8pm

Pickups are available at my home located off Gopher Canyon in the city of Vista, CA

Home deliveries are only available for locals in the North County San Diego area + include a $10 fee

Halfway meetups are available within a 10mile radius from the city of Vista, CA. 

book a free 1:1 consult with me

build a custom weekly protocol & meal plan to address any chronic symptom or condition you are looking to heal.

book a free 30min chat with me!

medical medium meals prep

meals made by


Folk herbal consultant, kitchen witch & meal prep chef actively practicing Medical Medium  protocols to better serve women with highly sensitive systems & who are overcoming all degrees of chronic illness. 

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