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Dream Medicine

Getting Direct Guidance from your Subconscious

Have you ever felt more receptive within that gap of time moments before you wake up to a new day? Well that's because you 100% are.

Think of your consciousness like a channel where the more its relaxed and clear, the more can flow through. When we are in waking life, our mind and body are working hard to manage thousands of things at once, many things at which if you were conscious of all at once you would probably explode due to system overwhelm. Same principle goes for things that we are resisting or can be believed too much for us to currently handle. The mind instinctively creates blocks that which are stored in the subconscious mind out of pure protection for our being. That being said, dreams are a time when we are the least resistant and our self concept that protects us from harm melts away for the night, thus allowing more to flow in. This is when our mind feeds us metaphors that apply directly to what we need to realize in our waking life. There are many dream dictionaries that aid in decoding but the #1 thing to notice is how is it making you feel.

Another tip is to step into the shoes of whatever symbols/people you remember and ask "why am i here?" and "what do i symbolize?" I have found I come to many conclusions and receive pure support in that dreamlike state right before i wake up. This is a really great time to LISTEN, RECEIVE and APPLY to your current worries.

Another common thing is to experience aches and pain at that time as well. This makes much sense to me since i now know that any body ache or ailment is direct communication from your body to try to tell you something is up. We might not be listening or allowing that to come through during the day so it comes when you are the most receptive. It ALWAYS is a direct match to how we are really feeling about current situations in your life. Listen to the medicine. Its here to help. Its here for you. Grab a journal just for dreams and start writing EVERYTHING down immediately when you wake. Just a clear curious intention matters millions.

With grace, Celena

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