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grounding + cleansing + renewing

full body treatment that includes light lymphatic drainage & facial, herbal skin cleansing, herbal oil massage, energetic clearing, fresh juices & herbal tonics

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Celena De Luna 

I am a Mexican American folk herbal medicine crafter, artist & self-care enthusiast from Southern California devoted to authentic living, our intimate connection to this earth and healing physically & emotionally from the harsh effects of our modern day world.


 I am a 2016 graduate & initiate of the Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education where I  began my training in plant spirit medicine, Folk Herbalism & earth tending. Outside of working with herbs, for the past decade I've explored, trained & thus hold various degrees of experience in shamanic healing techniques, metaphysical anatomy, trauma recovery, interspecies communication, womb care awareness, eco-conscious home tending, navigating the alternative health world, operating my own & working for small local food businesses, sustainable living practices, regenerative gardening, ethical foraging and body recovery protocols. All have which enriched my path, contributed to my current health + healing and supported me in staying true to my heart.


As a highly sensitive being walking this holistic healing path, I am here to encourage those who are just as committed to both radically & gently transforming into their most honest level of self. Because we all matter too much not to live a wild life of ease, unbounded expression & truth.


Keep it Flowing


Celena De Luna  

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